Vaca Malhada

Released only on July 2004, Vaca Malhada is the combination of the two year learning curve study in digital audio. Recording took place all over Ontario, via removable hard drives. Also, live off the floor tracking was provided by some of the hottest musicians in World Music in Ontario.


Amazon Dreams II

A second compilation release of unreleased and new cuts from the Amazon Dreams collection. Mostly instrumental/vocalized melodies and grooves set in jungle atmospheres. Very fresh playing by Etric Lyons (bass) and Bill Mc Bernie (flute).


Proyecto Patagonico

This project CD was recorded on a shoestring studio with a borrowed voltage regulator from the pachangueros of El Barrio 4. Songs emerged, were created, recorded and produced as the people who worked on it, traveled through their summer. From Puerto Piramide to El Indio, there is truth, fragility and humor for all.


Sarava Criola

The idea of Dangerous Curves & straight-aways came from an experience in Mexico- You're barreling down the straight-away at 120 clicks and all of a sudden you come to a sign "Curva Peligrosa"- your partner quickly tries to find out what this means in the spanish/english dictionary, but it's too late- You realize you are in a dangerous curve - Much of Life, Art and Music can be like this.


Amazon Dreams

It is a progression that exists in Da- It has the energy of the street and the sound of the spirit- it is Urban Jungle Music. All along it has been a personal journey- So much has changed- but music is organic. It is transparent in where I am and where I have been...