MCUxpresso Config Tools package comes with its installer for Ubuntu (14,16) in .deb.bin format, a self-extracting command-line installer. In order to install it in Fedora (or CentOS or RHEL), we’ll extract it and then copy its files to the filesystem.

$ cd ~/Download (or download location)

This command extracts the .deb to the mcux-tools directory:

$ dpkg-deb -x MCUXPRESSO-CT-LIN64-DEB-PACKAGE.deb mcux-tools/

Then we copy (or move) the extracted files under the /opt directory:

$ sudo cp -r mcux-tools/opt/nxp /opt

The path to the application in the com.nxp.mcuxpresso-config-tools-v4.desktop file may need to be fixed to point to the actual install location, in italics below:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.0
Comment=MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.0
Exec=env UBUNTU_MENUPROXY=0 /opt/nxp/MCUX_CFG_v4/bin/tools

The last step would be to copy the .desktop file, so it shows in the Applications menu.

$ cp mcux-tools/share/applications/com.nxp.mcuxpresso-config-tools-v4.desktop ~/.local/share/applications

or system-wide for all users to:

$ sudo cp mcux-tools/share/applications/com.nxp.mcuxpresso-config-tools-v4.desktop /usr/share/applications