After so many years of not tending to my site, I finally found some time and inspiration to get it a facelift. I had this design in the works since … 2009, no kidding. I found it by chance while doing backups and thought about implementing it once and for all. I worked on this design while planning on porting the entire site to Django, with gallery generator and everything, but it turned out a lot more work that I was willing to put in. Then recently found Jekyll and after reading for an hour or so, I knew it would be the perfect tool for the job. A few late evenings later, got it pretty much all done.

I took the picture at the top while vacationing in Maui. That’s the beach of Kihei on the south of the island on a pretty windy day. The sandy background resembles the white coarse sand and to contrast, the logo on a red brick color taken from a shot of a cliff of red clay.

The new slogan describes my technological adventures in life, where curiosity would take me from high level database languages through low level hardware protocol discoveries.

Many sections are outdated but I still ported them for historical and sentimental reasons.